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In the Weekly Republican Address, Rep. Allen West (R-FL) calls on President Obama to work with Congress to replace his dangerous defense ‘sequester.’ Together, the president’s ‘sequester’ and his tax hikes on families and small businesses make up the “fiscal cliff” that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) warns could lead to a deep recession. Watch Rep. West here and read more below.


  • FISCAL CLIFF: Only the House has taken action to avert the “fiscal cliff,” passing legislation to protect our troops by replacing the president’s ‘sequester,’ and to stop the president’s tax hikes that threaten 700,000 jobs.
  • JOBS: Rep. West says the House continues to focus on “removing government barriers that make it harder to create jobs” here at home. President Obama, meanwhile, is campaigning on policies that would make our economy worse.
  • DEFENSE CUTS: Rep. West explains that President Obama didn’t want another debt limit debate before his re-election campaign, “so the White House created this dangerous ‘sequester’ as an escape hatch.”
  • 10 FACTS: Here are 10 facts about the Obama defense ‘sequester,’ which Rep. West argues “would essentially hollow out our armed forces.”
  • DEBT: This new video shows how President Obama has failed to live up to his repeated promise to address the nation’s skyrocketing debt and deficits.
  • DOWNGRADE: To avoid another downgrade, Speaker Boehner says we need a president who will get “moving on the solutions we know are needed to reduce our debt, bring jobs home and get our economy moving again.”
  • SOLYNDRA: Last week, the House passed the No More Solyndras Act, legislation designed to protect the American people from having to cover more of the Obama administration’s risky taxpayer-funded bets.
  • SEPTEMBER 11: Congressional leaders and the Capitol Hill community hosted a Congressional Remembrance Ceremony marking the eleventh observance of September 11, 2001. Watch Speaker Boehner’s remarks here.