A Balanced Budget From the President? Not In This Lifetime. | Speaker.gov

No word is used more often by the White House these days than “balance” when discussing budget matters.  But while President Obama has his own definition of the word, to most Americans, a “balanced” budget is one that doesn’t add to the deficit. Today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney made very clear that a balanced budget is something the American people should never expect to see from this president.

Asked directly by NBC’s Chuck Todd whether a balanced budget is a goal of the president – over any time frame – Carney said the president’s goal was a “sustainable” deficit, not an eliminated one. That’s Washington-speak for continuing to pile more debt on our kids and grandkids. At this point, the president’s budget is now five weeks late and nowhere in sight – an unprecedented delay – but clearly White House budget writers are not using this extra time to find a way to actually eliminate the deficit – ever.

House Republicans know that Americans want Washington to balance its budget, just like they have to do every month. That’s why under the leadership of Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, House Republicans will advance a budget blueprint that balances within 10 years. This is in contrast to Senate Democrats (doing their first budget in four years) and their plan which, it has been reported, is “not expected to do anything to erase the nation’s deficits." With the president AWOL and unserious about eliminating the deficit and Senate Democrats unwilling to make the choices necessary, it’s clear that Republicans are the only ones in town with a plan to free our next generation from a growing mountain of debt.