Summary: At the weekly Republican Leadership press conference, Speaker Ryan discussed a package of bills the House will consider today to promote capital formation and job creation, to build even further upon recent economic success. “The American people are better off now,” Speaker Ryan said, and “we need to keep it going.”

Opening Statement:

“Morning. I recently had the chance to visit a couple manufacturers up in Minneapolis-St.Paul.

“And the story there is very similar to what we are seeing all around the country.

“More people are finding work. Companies are expanding. Confidence is surging.

“Our policies have helped create this climate. This is a climate of growth.

“The American people are better off now. And we need to keep it going.

“This week, we’ll consider legislation to make it easier for small companies to access the capital markets—it’s a key source of financing.

“This is where most new jobs come from: new companies.  

“It will cut down on regulations that are holding back small businesses and start-ups.

“It’s the third piece in a line of critical bipartisan bills aimed at creating jobs, unlocking innovation, and driving growth.

“This will help us sustain the positive growth that we are already seeing.

“And this all gets us back to creating an environment where entrepreneurs can succeed and workers can get ahead.

“I want to commend Chairman Jeb Hensarling, and I want to commend Mia Love, from the Financial Services Committee, for their efforts in bringing this really critical bipartisan legislation to the floor.

“One thing I heard about in the Twin Cities is the need for more workers and especially workers with the right skills.

“This is a new, sort of good problem that we have these days: We have jobs, but we need workers with skills to fill those jobs.

“Soon, we will be taking the next step on the Farm Bill.

“Our version would retool the SNAP program to focus on encouraging recipients to enter the workforce.

“This is a model that we should be moving to—helping more Americans reach their potential, moving from welfare to work, getting on the ladder of life.

“In this economy, there is no better time to do this.

“Just go to to learn more.”