This week, Speaker Ryan embarked on his latest regional radio tour to discuss how Americans are seeing more money in their paychecks from historic tax reform. Listen to the interviews and check out the excerpts below.

Indianapolis, IN - 93 WIBC

Speaker Ryan: “By the end of this month, because of tax reform, 90 percent of workers in America will see their paychecks grow as a result of tax reform. That means more take-home pay, because lower tax rates are kicking in—people keeping more of what they earn. Look at all the announcements—350 companies we’ve seen so far, announcing $2.7 billion in bonuses to more than 4.7 million Americans . . . You’re there in Indy, right? Anthem, you saw their recent announcement? $1,000 bonuses to 58,000 employees. FedEx with a $1.5 billion investment in their hub in Indianapolis. Aramark says they are going to double their workforce over the next 5-10 years. . . .You see this kind of news all over the country: bonuses, investments, massive repatriation . . . You’re seeing businesses growing, businesses confident, wages going up, economic growth being faster, more jobs being created, and hundreds of billions of dollars coming back into this country to be invested, because of tax reform.” 
Milwaukee, WI - 1130 WISN 

Speaker Ryan: “Look at American Family—$1,000 bonuses to their employees, 11,000 workers. Associated Bank up in Green Bay raised their minimum wage up from $10 an hour, to $15 an hour. Johnson Bank raised their minimum wage. . . . So that’s the kind of stuff you’re seeing—bonuses, bigger paychecks, bigger wage increases, and much more investment by companies. . . . It took 31 years to get it done, and we’re already instantly seeing a big difference. . . . The average family of four is going to get over $2,000 in Wisconsin in their paycheck from the tax cut and their withholding tables should start reflecting that by the end of this month.”
Philadelphia, PA - WPHT 1210

Speaker Ryan: You’re in Philly. Comcast: $1,000 bonuses to 100,000 employees, $50 billion over the next five years of investments infrastructure, which are real jobs. Meridian Bank raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour. American Bank, Fidelity, Nextier, I mean all giving bonuses to their employees . . . The average tax cut in [Rep.] Ryan Costello’s district and [Rep.] Fitzpatrick’s district, it’s over $3,000. So people are seeing bigger take-home pay, they’re seeing businesses give bonuses, they are seeing wages be raised, and they are seeing businesses invest more money. . . . What’s happening is the tax cuts are working, tax reform is setting in, American businesses are more competitive, and they are investing in America, they are staying in America, they are putting capital in America—which will give us better jobs, higher wages, and more take-home pay. And it’s working. And people are kind of surprised because they heard all this horrible rhetoric from the Democrats. Well now they are seeing with their own eyes what this really is.” 

Speaker Ryan: “They call it ‘crumbs.’ To me, it’s just the height of condescension and arrogance to think that somebody getting a $1,000 bonus is nothing—that’s just crazy. My wife and I were working the concession stand at our kid’s school a couple weeks ago, and a buddy of mine who works at Home Depot said that the bonus he got and the higher paycheck he got is paying for his car payment. I mean it’s a big deal. A big deal to a lot of people.”