This morning, Speaker Ryan called into both The Brian Kilmeade Show and The Mike Gallagher Show to discuss how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will deliver relief to hardworking Americans. Listen to the interviews here and here, and check out the excerpts below:

Speaker Ryan: “A $1,200 tax cut for the average household in America, where you got half the country living paycheck to paycheck, is a big deal. Dropping the tax rates on businesses by 40 percent so they can compete globally and hire more people, is a big deal. . . . When you see an analysis that just came out that says that this tax reform bill will increase jobs by 1,000,000, increase economic growth, take-home pay, and wage growth, that’s a big deal.”

Speaker Ryan: “Here’s what this bill does. You still get to write-off the first $500,000 of your mortgage, and we added back, a property tax deduction. Oh and don’t forget the fact you just got a doubled standard deduction, so your first $24,000, instead of your first $12,000, are tax free. If you have kids, you just increase your child tax credit by $600 per child and we’re lowering tax rates across the board. . . . So the difference here with these kind of deductions is this. Do we cut tax rates and let you keep your money and you decide what to do with it, or do we keep tax rates higher, you send your money to Washington, and then if you do something that the IRS approves of, like a mortgage or something, then you can get some of your money back? Our philosophy is, just cut tax rates across the board, so you deduct less, but you keep your money first. And you decide what you want to do with your money, because it’s your money.”

Speaker Ryan: “We fundamentally believe that this Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will get us faster economic growth, give people more confidence, more take-home pay. The firefighter gets a $1,300 tax cut, the average family a $1,200 tax cut, a small business making $500,000 gets a $25,000 tax cut.”

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