Bipartisan Opposition to a Partisan #TrainWreck |

President Obama complained today that “Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for nearly the 40th time to dismantle” his unpopular health care law, which is driving up costs around the country. What he didn’t say is that “unexpectedly large numbers of Democrats” voted for those proposals too -- yesterday and many times before.

Last night, there were 35 Democrats who backed H.R. 2667 by Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR), which delays ObamaCare’s employer mandate for a year -- codifying an announcement made by the White House in a blog post two weeks ago. And 22 Democrats supported H.R. 2668 by Rep. Todd Young (R-IN) which would delay the individual mandate, giving all Americans the same relief from the law as big businesses.

But that’s not all. Democrats have supported several bills repealing and defunding provisions of this train wreck in the past -- and President Obama himself has signed seven of them into law.

There was H.R. 4, which repealed the small business paperwork (“1099”) mandate. It passed the House with 76 House Democrats in support. Then there was H.R. 1473, which cut $2.2 billion from a “stealth public plan” – 81 Democrats supported that bill. H.R. 3630 slashed billions in ObamaCare slush funds but was supported by 147 Democrats. You can see the full list here.

ObamaCare may have been hastily rammed through Congress on a party-line vote, but opposition has been bipartisan. Sure, some Democrats think the law is just “fabulous” and “wonderful,” but the American people who are paying for it – and many of the law’s own supporters – all know better.