Speaker Boehner released the following video message today voicing his continued support for a Balanced Budget Amendment:

The House will consider the Balanced Budget Amendment next week. Boehner has urged President Obama and Democratic leaders to work with Republicans to pass it to help stop Washington from spending money it doesn’t have and create a better environment for private-sector job growth:

BOEHNER: “I voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment in the past and I'll support it again now. I've been clear with the president that the House will not grant his request for an increase in the national debt limit without spending cuts larger than the debt limit hike and clear restraints on the future spending by our government. Adoption of the Balanced Budget Amendment would help ensure such spending restraints are set in stone, and the certainty it provides will help create a better environment for job creation across the country. We need to get serious about changing the way we spend money here in Washington. And implementing long-term reforms, like the Balanced Budget Amendment, will make sure we never again face a debt crisis like we do today.”