Boehner on CNN: No Reason to Wait, Let’s Address Spending-Driven Debt Now |

In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett following remarks to the Paul G. Peterson Foundation’s Fiscal Summit, Speaker John Boehner said there’s no reason to wait until we reach the debt limit to enact real spending cuts and reforms – the American people are ready, Republicans are ready – “let’s go.”

The only stumbling blocks are President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Senate who appear afraid – or unwilling – to seriously address America’s economic challenges. As Burnett pointed out, top Democrats are already criticizing what Stanford economist John B. Taylor dubbed the “Boehner principle” – that spending cuts and reforms (not tax hikes) exceed any debt limit increase – as a “line in the sand.” Boehner responded:

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“It is a line in the sand because Washington has kicked the can down the road, kicked the can down the road, kicked the can down the road and the American people think we're crazy.  They're re-- ready for Washington to take action.  I'm here.  I'm ready to do it.  Let's go.”

Boehner explained how the tax hikes demanded by Democrats would only do more damage to our economy and put more people out of work. Instead, Boehner said “We've gotta have real economic growth and we have to have real controls on spending.”

The House already started by passing a responsible budget that cuts spending and preserves our biggest entitlement programs for our children and grandchildren. And last week, the House voted to reduce the deficit by additional $242.8 billion while protecting our troops and their families. But bills like these and others that create a better environment for job growth are being blocked by Senate Democrats.

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