Boehner: "A Lot of Broken Promises" By Democrats in 110th Congress |

With each passing day the number of Democratic promisesbroken multiplies, with action stalling or falling short of pledges to lead the most “open” and “ethical”Congress in historymakeearmark requests and spending more transparent, be fiscally responsible, and lower gas prices for consumers.

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) said at a pressconference this morning (AUDIO),“Republicans want to work with our Democrat colleagues on ethics reform,earmark reform, and fiscal responsibility.”  But, as Boehner said, “Allwe’ve seen in this first five-plus months here in Washington with this new Congress is a lot of broken promises”:

PROMISE MADE: To lead the “most open” and “ethical” Congressin history.

PROMISE BROKEN:Democrats have broken their promise to lead the most “open” and “ethical”Congress in history, failing to enact reallobbying and ethics reform, and ignoringthe ethics problems of Congressman William Jefferson (D-LA).

BOEHNER: “Americans deserve and expect that the highest ethicalstandards will be had here in this Congress.  And all year Democrats haveignored the problems of Representative Jefferson.  They failed to continuean investigation that was started last year by Republicans on the EthicsCommittee.  And it wasn’t until there was an indictment and an effort onmy part to force the Ethics Committee to act before the Speaker decided to nametheir members to ethics pool.” (AUDIO)

PROMISE MADE: To make earmark requests and federal spendingmore transparent.

PROMISE BROKEN: Democratshave broken their promise to make earmark requests and spending moretransparent, actively working to makethe earmark process secret and failing to change rules that allow themajority to certify “earmark free” bills that are actually loadedwith earmarks.

BOEHNER: “The Democrats broke promises on earmark reform byrepealing the reforms the Republicans put in place last year. They’ve totallygutted the earmark reform package that we put in place last September. Whatthey’ve done is set up a system where you can’t get at the earmarks, you can’teliminate them. And the kind of transparency and accountability that we had inour rules last year have been totally gutted. And we’re going to continue ourefforts to try to impose on this House real accountability when it comes toearmarks.” (AUDIO)

PROMISE MADE: To be responsible stewards of the federalbudget.

PROMISE BROKEN:Democrats have broken their promise to continue fiscally responsible policies,having now authorized morethan $98 billion in new federal spending this year alone and approving the largesttax hike in American history.

BOEHNER: “As Democrats hide wasteful spending, they’re increasingspending overall. They voted to raise taxes on American families by some $392billion. We’ll see the details of that tax bill over the next several months.They’ve authorized more than $98 billion in new federal spending alone thisyear so far. And, if you look at the first two appropriation bills that havebeen voted out of committee, they’ve raised spending by some $9 billion onthose two bills alone over and above what the president has requested.” (AUDIO)

BOEHNER: “Now, the president’s announced that he intends to vetothose appropriation bills that have excessive spending in them. I think all ofyou know Representative Campbell has been distributing a letter around to ourmembers. I think he has a sufficient number of signatures to uphold thepresident’s veto of these bills. We wantto balance the budget without raising taxes, and there’s no way toget to fiscal discipline here in Washingtonwith all of this reckless spending.” (AUDIO)

PROMISE MADE: To lower gas prices for consumers.

PROMISE BROKEN:Democrats have broken their promise to lower gas prices while offering policiesthat actually makethe problem worse.

BOEHNER: “Unfortunately, Democrats have also failed and brokentheir promise to the American people to lower gas prices.  If you look atthe proposals that we’re seeing from Democrats in various committees with theirso-called energy bill, they’re gutting some of the efforts that we put intoplace in the 2005 energy bill.  They’re taking away production.  Andwill have the impact of having higher energy prices in America.  Theyhave an energy bill that produces no new energy.  And while we want moreconservation, we want more alternative fuels, we also need more domesticproduction if we’re in fact going to bring down gas prices and energy prices inour country.” (AUDIO)