Braveheart Was Right |

It's not uncommon for conservatives to quote Ronald Reagan, or Abraham Lincoln, or James Madison, but when Speaker Paul Ryan invoked William Wallace from Braveheart earlier this month, his message resonated far and wide, and for good reason.

We have to 'unite the clans.'

 Unite the Clans

In this political season, it's easy to fixate on disagreements about tactics. But Speaker Ryan is focused on a larger vision, calling for conservatives to unite "around a bold, pro-growth agenda that will get America back on track." This positive agenda will be built upon six important priorities:

  1. National Security
  2. Tax Reform
  3. Reducing Regulatory Burdens
  4. Health Care Reform
  5. Poverty, Opportunity, and Upward Mobility
  6. Restoring Constitutional Authority

From day one, Speaker Ryan has insisted that the agenda will be a bottom-up, organic effort, driven by the people's representatives and their committees. Building a movement—particularly one based on such an inclusive approach—takes time, but as Braveheart reminds us, it's all worth it in the fight for "freeeeedooooooooom."