8:00 a.m. Address to the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

In an address at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, Speaker Ryan urged all Catholics to come together to combat the spread of tribalism and identity politics. 

“Let us recommit ourselves to living not just successful lives, but the faithful lives that the grace of God makes possible for all of us. Let us recapture these beautiful, unifying principles of Catholic social teaching. That’s how we can give America a new birth of freedom rightly understood.”
Read the Speaker’s full remarks here.

9:15 a.m. Enrollment Ceremony for Three Major Pieces of Legislation

Back at the Capitol, Speaker Ryan was joined by a number of committee chairs to send three important pieces of legislation to the president’s desk:

  • Financial reform to help American families and small businesses.
  • Right to try legislation to give hope to terminally ill patients and their families.
  • VA reform to provide veterans better access to quality care.

“Today, these three bills are set to become law. Today, months—in some cases years—of hard work come to a successful conclusion. Today, we turn good ideas into real results to help improve people’s lives.”
Read the Speaker’s full remarks here.

9:35 a.m. Floor Remarks on the National Defense Authorization Act

On the House floor, Speaker Ryan called for passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, which builds on the recent historic increase in defense funding, and gives our troops their biggest pay raise in nine years. The House approved the measure with 351 votes.

Mr. Speaker, this is a very busy week in the House. . . . Earlier this year, we enacted a historic increase in military funding, made possible by the bipartisan budget agreement that came before it. This allowed us to advance the bill that we have before us right here today. . . .  This National Defense Authorization—it presents another major step toward rebuilding and reforming our military.”
Read the Speaker’s full remarks here.