Earlier in the week, Speaker Ryan visited Catholic Charities Fort Worth (CCFW) to see firsthand the organization's work to help lift people out of poverty and into the workforce. This is part of a push to tap into the potential of our growing economy with policies that help move people from welfare to work.

There are a few ways you can catch up on Speaker Ryan’s visit:

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“For years, he had heard about a Catholic Charities Fort Worth program geared to help people lift themselves out of poverty. On Tuesday, the Wisconsin Republican paid a visit for a firsthand look. . . . Catholic Charities helps people of few means gain access to education, job training and even U.S. citizenship. . . . ‘The case management system is the best possible system,’ he said. ‘It’s individual, it’s focused, it’s customized. The cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work.’” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

“The speaker of the United States House of Representatives visited Fort Worth on Tuesday to speak about jobs. Speaker Paul Ryan visited Catholic Charities in Fort Worth, where he also spoke about fighting poverty. . . . He said the economy is in a good place right now, adding that these conditions are conducive to helping people get out of poverty and improve their standard of living.” (Fox 4 News)

“The Wisconsin Republican on Tuesday reiterated his vision of consolidating the wide array of federal poverty programs into a benefit system that he argues would better encourage people to get out of welfare and into work. . . Ryan said his public policy ideas have been inspired by private programs including Catholic Charities. ‘The laws we’re trying to pass are designed to break down the stovepipes, break down the barriers and go after this poverty trap problem,’ he said. ‘So we are looking at what’s working in the field, what’s working in communities and we’re trying to translate those lessons into public policy.’” (Roll Call)

“Tonita Burbage, a Catholic Charities client who attended the town hall, was laid off in 2014 and struggled with unemployment and underemployment for two years. She credited Catholic Charities’ assistance in helping her find a full-time job with benefits so she could support her two daughters without government assistance The organization helped her with job training, developing a resume, and providing interview outfits. However, Burbage said what helped the most was 'to have someone support everything that I want to do and having that open door where I could call anytime or email — to have someone listening.' Speaker Ryan said that the gains accomplished by intensive case management prove that the federal government needs to 'manage the supply lines, but not the front lines of fighting poverty.’” (North Texas Catholic)