Soon, the House will vote on important legislation fulfilling a promise to strengthen our national defense and rebuild our nation’s military. In these uncertain times, with potential threats to our security from unstable regions around the world—from North Korea to the Middle East—our nation’s security must be our absolute top priority.

Last month, Congress enacted a budget that allows Congress to fully fund the military at the level requested by Secretary Mattis and his generals. More importantly, it frees our military from the harmful spending caps and breaks the Democrats’ harmful parity of tying dollar-for-dollar increases in defense spending with equal increases in discretionary spending. It was hard fought for—and for good reason. This budget agreement gave us the ability to take this next step: a full appropriations package that delivers these resources to the Pentagon.

So, as soon as next week, the House will take the final step to delivering on our promise to our men and women in uniform. This appropriations legislation gives our service members the resources they need to get their jobs done safely and securely. With all the sacrifices they make for us, it is our job to ensure they get the support they need to defend our country. 

As Speaker Ryan said in a speech on the need for military readiness at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in January, “I do not care if you are a Republican or Democrat. Our troops, our military, our national security—these are not partisan issues. When it comes to keeping Americans safe, we are all on the same side. . . Help us get our troops what they need to do their jobs. And help us ensure that the United States military remains the best in the world.”