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When President Obama delivers his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, you can watch it live online – along with the Republican Address to the Nation that follows – at The following mock movie poster-style graphic previewing the president's message uses ThingLink to highlight several points the American people should keep in mind heading into next week’s address. Right-click to embed or share the poster, or download a high-res version below:


Hold your mouse over any of the circles on the poster above to learn more about how:

  • The Obama administration’s policies have not only failed to strengthen our economy, they’ve made it harder for small businesses to create new jobs. The unemployment rate averaged nine percent in 2011 and has averaged 9.4 percent since the ‘stimulus’ spending bill was enacted – in fact, it has been higher than 8 percent for nearly three years. [READ MORE]
  • On January 24 it will have been 1,000 days since the Democratic-controlled Senate passed a budget. The House passed a budget last April that would help create new jobs, cut government spending, and preserve and strengthen our biggest entitlement programs. [READ MORE]
  • Including the failed ‘stimulus’ spending bill, there was an 84% increase in non-defense discretionary spending when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress. More than $4.6 trillion has been added to the national debt since President Obama took office, “the most rapid increase in the debt under any U.S. president,” according to CBS News. [READ MORE]
  • Job creators and economists agree the tax hikes demanded by President Obama “would penalize many small-business owners,” and “would discourage hiring by many smaller businesses.” [READ MORE]

Tune in to on January 24, 2012 to watch the State of the Union Address, the Republican Address to the Nation, and more. And learn more about the GOP jobs plan at