The Complete Five Points Roadmap |

“If we were to do these five things, along with the energy boom that’s underway, we could reset the economic foundation in America for the next two or three generations and beyond.  This is a big deal that requires real leadership.” – Speaker John Boehner

Point One: Fixing Our Tax Code

Navigating our tax code can feel like a full-time job, even though you’re the one who’s paying dearly.  By lowering rates for all Americans, simplifying the maze of loopholes and deductions, and making it possible for families to do their taxes on two sheets of paper, we can make our country a more attractive place to do business, and make it easier to do everything from buy a home to save for college and retirement.

Point Two: Solving Our Spending Problem

For 53 of the last 60 years, the federal government has spent more than it’s taken in – you wouldn’t do this in your home or business and we can’t do it as a country.  By addressing the drivers of our debt and putting our entitlement programs on a more sustainable path, we can secure our children’s ability to invest in their futures, pursue their aspirations, and have stability all the way through retirement.

Point Three: Reforming Our Legal System

Excessive litigation amounts to a stealth tax driving up the cost of all of our goods and services.  By boosting transparency in the judicial system, enacting real medical malpractice reform, and combating abusive patent litigation, we can better protect victims and consumers while giving confidence to manufacturers and small business owners that they can keep jobs and ideas here.

Point Four: Reforming Our Regulatory System

The way the federal government hands down regulations is coercive, combative, and expensive.  By making major rules contingent on congressional approval, streamlining the permitting process, and making agencies focus on lower costs, we can reshape federal regulatory policy so that it’s more practical and productive for workers and small business owners.

Point Five: Improving Our Education System

America’s ability to compete is tied to our ability to educate our young people.  By reforming the K-12 system, making college more affordable, and expanding charter school programs, we can eliminate the barriers that keep students from getting the best possible education and becoming the best-prepared workers.

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