Conservative Health Care Reform |

The American Health Care Act is conservative health care reform. It repeals Obamacare with all its mandates and spending, and replaces it with a truly affordable, patient-centered system. It is built on reforms conservatives have been pursuing for decades.

The Wall Street Journal writes that “The American Health Care Act would be the most consequential GOP social-policy reform since the welfare overhaul of 1996” because “it starts to correct many of the government-created dysfunctions that have bedeviled U.S. health care for decades.”

Conservatives should support the American Health Care Act because it:

Repeals Obamacare taxes in order to provide massive tax relief for families and for the cost of health care. As Americans for Tax Reform notes, “The Obamacare repeal bill abolishes 14 taxes that today siphon off nearly one trillion dollars from American Taxpayers each decade.”

Repeals Obamacare spending by phasing out Medicaid expansion and eliminating open-ended Obamacare subsidies that have soared alongside rising premiums.

Repeals Obamacare mandates on hardworking Americans and businesses so wages can rise and companies can grow.

Defunds Planned Parenthood to ensure taxpayer dollars don’t fund abortions, and sends that money to community health centers.

Reforms Medicaid by making it a per-capita block grant to give states the flexibility to better serve people in need. This is the biggest entitlement reform in a generation.

Strengthens HSAs by nearly doubling the amount you can contribute and giving you more flexibility to use them.

Creates a vibrant health insurance market where insurance companies compete for your business, meaning more purchasing power for you and your family.

Equalizes the tax treatment of health care so that the tax code no longer discriminates against people who don’t get coverage through their job.

Returns power from Washington to states, doctors, and patients.