Like a Cronut: The New |

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You may have already noticed, but recently received a fresh coat of paint.  The site went through its last major overhaul in 2012, but in the worlds of design and technology, that can seem like an eternity.  For crying out loud, cronuts had not even been invented yet.

Now, with the cronut revolution in our rearview mirror, we’re excited about the next big thing to please your taste buds…er…computer screens.  While site visitors will find the same familiar layout they’ve come to know and love, the new is streamlined to help you find and share information faster, easier, and more socially than ever before.  For those who like bullet points as much as I do, here’s a partial list of some of the more recognizable changes: 

  • Icons to navigate to all of Speaker Boehner’s social networks at the bottom of every page;
  • Open Graph tags to allow better previews when content is shared on Facebook;
  • Simple email forms at the end of each blog post, allowing visitors to stay in the loop on the issues they care about most; and
  • A flatter design with larger images, updated fonts, and a new color scheme – resulting in faster load times throughout the site 

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll continue to prioritize transparency and functionality as we improve the visitor experience.  In that way, is a lot like a cronut...getting better and better with every bite. 

Fun fact: For those of you who prefer to get your news on the go, still looks great on any tablet or smartphone.  In fact, one out of every three visitors who come to do so on a mobile device.  In the pre-cronut era of 2011 that was fewer than one in 10.