Dem Disconnect: Americans Want Action on Jobs & Gas Prices, But President Obama Hellbent on Higher Taxes |

Even with the American people clamoring for bipartisan solutions to their struggles, President Obama today is pushing higher taxes that won’t create a single job, aren’t the answer to our debt crisis, obviously won’t lower gas prices, and oh, by the way, just happen to divide even Democrats.  There’s already evidence that it’s falling on deaf ears.

Families and small businesses are struggling to make ends meet, and what they want are more jobs, less debt, lower gas prices, and more affordable health care premiums.  Instead, their cost of living keeps rising while their incomes are not.  A White House that wasn’t so out of touch might focus on the issues that matter, like the following:

  • 38 Straight Months of 8+ Percent Unemployment.  The White House famously promised that its ‘stimulus’ plan would keep the unemployment rate below eight percent.  But three years of ‘stimulus’ spending have left our country with 38 consecutive months of unemployment above eight percent, where it remains today.
  • Gas Prices More than Doubled.  Gas prices have more than doubled – now at $3.94 per gallon nationally – on President Obama’s watch. The president’s budget fails to do “all of the above” as promised and continues the policy of blocking, delaying, and rejecting new energy production. He is also pushing for tax hikes that would make gasoline even more expensive.
  • Health Care Costs Continue to Rise.  Despite the president’s rhetoric, his own Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services says that Obamacare will dramatically increase the near-term growth rate of health care costs, and the Kaiser Family Foundation says that “employers’ spending on health coverage for workers spiked abruptly.”  Even worse, the law is making it more difficult for small businesses to hire new workers and grow their business.

The economic policies of President Obama have not only not helped our economy but they have actually made it worse.  As Speaker Boehner said recently:

“Our country faces serious economic and fiscal challenges.  Americans continue to be disappointed that the president is shrinking from those challenges rather than displaying the courage needed to solve them.”

House Republicans are focused on the issues that matter, and have passed nearly 30 bills as part of the Plan for America’s Job Creators and American Energy Initiative that would unlock America’s resources to help address soaring gas prices and create American jobs.  Follow the progress of these bipartisan, House-passed jobs bills at, and “like” the American Energy Initiative on Facebook to learn more about Republicans’ ongoing effort to help relieve the pain at the pump.