Lately, President Obama and Congressional Democrats haven’t been agreeing on much.  However, they have found one thing to agree on – blocking funding for our troops and threatening to shut down the government.  

Why are Democrats threatening to block, filibuster, and veto any defense bill?  They are desperate to extract more funding for agencies such as the IRS and the EPA. 

The defense authorization bill passed by the House will support a pay raise for our troops, give resources to reinforce the mission to defeat ISIL, and strengthen our cyber defense.  Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) calls the defense authorization bill a “waste of time.”

As unbelievable as it is, it’s really that simple.  Democrats are holding hostage a bill to support our troops and protect this country, unless:

In a time of grave threats to the United States, it is irresponsible and dangerous for Democrats to play games with funding for our troops, their families, and the nation’s veterans in order to extract more government spending for Washington bureaucracies.  It’s time for President Obama and Democrats in Congress to put our troops first, and quit playing politics with the security of our nation. 

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