Democrats Join Republicans in Calling on President to Approve Keystone Pipeline |

“Two freshman Senate Democrats have jumped into the fight over the Keystone XL oil pipeline, joining seven other Democrats and dozens of Republicans in pressuring President Obama to approve the project,” The Hill reports.  A bipartisan group of 53 Senators sent a letter to President Obama yesterday urging him “to finish expeditiously the review process and approve the pipeline,” following this week’s announcement that a revised route for the pipeline has been approved, putting the fate of “the long-delayed project squarely in the president’s hands.” 

As one Democratic Senator joining the call for approval notes, “the Keystone XL pipeline means jobs for American families and energy security for our country.”  In fact, the Keystone pipeline will create an estimated 20,000 direct jobs and thousands of indirect jobs, and pump nearly one million barrels of oil to U.S. refineries.  Despite the obvious economic and energy security benefits, the administration has rejected, lobbied against, and now delayed a decision on whether the project will proceed – “urging patience” amongst the thousands of Americans that have been waiting more than 1,500 days for these new jobs. 

The Keystone pipeline – which has been under review for more than four years – is supported by a majority of the American people and the president’s jobs council.  With members of the president’s own party now joining Republicans in the fight to move the project forward, the White House is out of excuses.  As Speaker Boehner said earlier this week, “I recognize all the political pressure the president faces, but with our energy security at stake and many jobs in limbo, he should find a way to say yes.”