Today, as Democrats roll out their “fresh vision” for the country, they are politicizing our national security once again.

House Democrats just blocked the Intelligence Authorization Act—bipartisan legislation that passed unanimously out of committee—in a reckless attempt to score political points by tacking on unrelated partisan amendments.

Is this their idea of a better deal?

Now, you’ll hear Democrats argue that this is about holding Russia accountable. In fact, this legislation includes several provisions regarding Russian cyber threats and interference in the 2016 election. Moreover, the House is voting tomorrow on additional bipartisan legislation to sanction Russia, along with Iran and North Korea, for their wide range of destabilizing activities.

As Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Adam Schiff (D-CA) said after committee passage, “This bill is the product of months of oversight and examination and a bipartisan commitment to the nation's security. I look forward to taking the bill up on the House Floor and to its eventual passage.” 

The reality is that Democrats have no message beyond obstructing President Trump’s agenda. That’s their prerogative. But stalling important legislation to ensure our intelligence community is equipped to keep Americans safe is simply indefensible.

Democrats should stop playing politics with our national security, drop these partisan demands, and help us get this bill to the president’s desk as soon as possible.

That is a better way.