Dems “Silent” on Needed Spending Cuts, “Ready to March Off the Cliff” |

While Republicans have offered a balanced plan to protect families and small businesses from the “fiscal cliff,” several reports suggest Democrats are “ready to march off the cliff” instead of making the spending cuts needed to address to our debt:

  • “A potential deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff could be undermined by the Democratic Party’s refusal to come to terms with the unsustainability of federal entitlement programs and acknowledge that the government is spending too much,” says the Washington Free Beacon. Instead, Democrats are “stonewalling on specific spending cuts and entitlement reforms.”
  • The Hill reports that Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell says Democrats are “silent on the need for spending cuts.” Instead of outlining spending they’d cut (seeing as how they haven’t passed a budget in three years) Senate Democratic leaders “warned Republicans Wednesday morning that Congress will go over the ‘fiscal cliff’” unless tax rates go up on small businesses.
  • Neither the president’s current plan nor his party are behind his call for a “balanced approach.” “Democrats are united behind President Obama's proposal to raise tax rates” on small business owners, says USA Today, but “worry the president could be willing to make further concessions on entitlement programs to avert the ‘fiscal cliff’ than many Democrats can support.”

Speaker John Boehner noted today that President Obama’s plan to avert the fiscal cliff “does not begin to solve our debt crisis” – instead, it’s “mainly tax hikes” and “actually increases spending.”

The Republican plan, on the other hand, calls for a balance of needed spending cuts and tax reforms the president has supported in the past. Multiple surveys show more Americans back this approach than raising tax rates and destroying jobs.

“The longer the White House slow-walks this discussion,” said Speaker Boehner, “the closer our economy gets to the fiscal cliff – and the more American jobs are placed in jeopardy.”