This is disingenuous nonsense. |

Today, the New York Times’ editorial board opened a piece with the following: “The mere threat that Obamacare will be dismantled or radically changed . . . has persuaded several big insurance companies to stop selling policies or significantly raise premiums.”

To use the board's own words: “This is disingenuous nonsense.” 

They go on to write that as a result, “some lower-income and middle-class families may have no good options for insurance and will have to spend more on health care.”

That’s certainly true. But rather than Republicans, only Obamacare itself is to blame. 

This new argument by the Times and Washington Democrats is a completely dishonest attempt to distract from the obvious failures of Obamacare.  

Look no further than the Times' own archives for the evidence. Consider these two headlines pulled from 2016—you know, during President Obama’s tenure and long before the American Health Care Act passed the House:

The editorial board claims that insurance markets are collapsing because of the AHCA, yet their own reporting shows this started long before President Trump assumed office and the AHCA became a reality.

Yes, insurers are leaving the markets—but it’s because the design of Obamacare has created what some insurance professionals have called a ‘death spiral.’ And yes, premiums are skyrocketing, and deductibles are soaring—a trend that goes back to 2015 (see again: NYT.)

The writing was already on the wall that Obamacare was failing. Unfortunately, the Left is only now calling it out—with a pathetic attempt to point the finger at Republicans.  

On the contrary, House Republicans knew this law was doomed and have begun a rescue mission for the American health care system.