“Don’t worry, kids - I put it on your tab” | Speaker.gov

We've posted a new graphic on Facebook to make a simple point: Washington’s spending problem threatens our future, and President Obama’s fiscal cliff plan doesn’t even begin to solve it.

Every man, woman, and child in America has a $51,986 (and growing) share of our $16 trillion national debt. And as Speaker John Boehner explained yesterday, government spending is the problem.

That’s why Republicans have offered a balanced, bipartisan plan for avoiding the cliff and addressing our debt by making needed spending cuts and reforming our tax code in ways the president himself has supported. This approach is backed a majority of the American people and would help pave the way for long-term economic growth.

But Democrats are slow-walking the process, and some reports suggest they’re “ready to march off the cliff.” The president is determined to punish small businesses with higher tax rates (which will weaken our economy) and put even more ‘stimulus’ spending on our children’s tab.

“The president wants to pretend that spending isn’t the problem,” said Boehner.” That’s why we don’t have an agreement” on averting the fiscal cliff.

“If the president will step up and show us he’s willing to make the spending cuts that are needed I think we can do some real good in the days ahead,” said Speaker Boehner. “If not – he wants to keep chasing higher spending with higher taxes … our kids and our grandkids are the ones who are going to suffer because Washington was too short-sighted to fix the problem.”