A Duty & Moral Obligation to Offer an Agenda | Speaker.gov

At his weekly press briefing, Speaker Ryan was asked about what he will speak out about in 2016. Here was part of his answer: 

“Look, I am who I am. I'm a conservative who believes in specific principles and specific policies, and I'm going to speak out on those all the time.

“Here's what I can control, and here's what I'm going to do. I, as Speaker of the House, am going to lead an effort for all of our members of the House Republican caucus to offer an agenda to the country so that we can take an agenda to the men and women of America to show them how we get America back on track.

“More than two-thirds of the people in this country think America is headed in the wrong direction. That's not just Republicans. We, as the other party, have a moral obligation and a duty to offer a very bold and specific alternative course, so that if we win this election, then we have an obligation and a mandate given to us from the citizens of this country to go on that course, to put those reforms in place, to get this country back on the right track.

“That's something I can control. That's something I can be involved in. That's something I can help deliver. That's what I'm focused on.”

To learn more about this agenda, visit speaker.gov/ConfidentAmerica.