Excerpts from Speaker Boehner’s Interview on CBS News’ Face the Nation | Speaker.gov

From delaying and dismantling the president’s health care law to fixing our broken immigration system, controlling spending to simplifying our unfair tax code, Speaker John Boehner described for CBS News’ Bob Schieffer today the steps Republicans want to take to help create new jobs and strengthen our economy for all Americans. Below are several excerpts from Boehner’s interview this morning:

Boehner: Senate Democrats Know ObamaCare Is Unworkable, Should Vote to Delay Employer & Individual Mandates

“[T]he Democrat senators know that this law is not workable. They know it's not ready. And it was Max Baucus, Senate Chairman, Democrat Chairman of the Finance Committee who said that this was a train wreck. They know that it's a train wreck, so I wouldn't be so quick to suggest that they're never going to take this up. Matter of fact, I would urge Senator Harry Reid, the Majority Leader, put these two bills on the floor of the Senate to delay the employer mandate and to delay the individual mandate and let's see what happens.”

Boehner: “We Have a Broken Immigration System”

“Bob, we have a broken immigration system. The legal immigration system's broken, we have a problem with 11 million people who are here without documents, 40 percent of them, by the way, came here as legal immigrants. So we've got a very big problem.  … This isn't about politics and it's not about our party. This is about doing the right thing for our country. We're a nation of immigrants. Immigration has strengthened our country. We've got a broken system.”

Boehner: House Will Take “Step-By-Step” Approach to Border Security, Immigration Reform

“And what I've committed is that one, the House does not like the Senate bill. It's one big, massive bill, that in my opinion doesn't have enough serious triggers to protect our border. … [W]hat we're going to do in the House is we're dealing with this in a common sense, step by step approach. We want to deal with this in chunks, chunks that the members can deal with and grapple with, and frankly chunks that the American people can get their arms around. …

“My job is to work with the House members on both sides of the aisle, facilitate a conversation and facilitate a process where we can deal with this honestly and openly.”

Boehner: Speaker’s Job is to “Open Up the Process, Let Members Participate”

“I've watched a number of speakers during my tenure here in Congress. And I can talk about what happened just before I became speaker. All the bills were written in the speaker's office. Those bills all turned out to be very unpopular, whether it was the ‘stimulus’ bill, the Dodd-Frank bill, ObamaCare, shoved through the floor of the House. 430 members, Democrats and Republicans locked out of the process. This is not the way the House is intended to work. …

“I talked about this the day I was sworn into speaker. That I considered my job was to open up the process, let members participate. Yeah, I've got certain things that I'd like to see accomplished. But this is not going to be about me. I said it the opening day. And it's never going to be about me. It's what's in the best interest of the country. If we're listening to the American people and we're following their will, our House will work just fine.”

Boehner: Republican Jobs Plan Can Reverse President Obama’s “New Normal” of Slow Economic Growth, Stagnant Wages

“Republicans have a plan for job creation. We've been at this now for the last two and a half years. And whether it's making student loans more affordable, stopping unnecessary regulations, trying to get our budget deficit under control, all of these things would help get our economy moving again. This new normal, the slow economic growth, no increase in jobs that are available, wages are being basically frozen, we're squeezing the middle class. And I would argue the president's policies are getting in the way of the economy growing, whether it's ObamaCare, or whether it's all these needless regulations that are coming out of the government, it's getting in the way of people wanting to invest in our economy. I used to be a small business man. I know how this works.”

Boehner: ObamaCare, Recent IRS Scandals Show Washington is “Out of Control,” “Too Big to Govern”

“I came here 23 years ago as a small businessman, committed to finding a way to achieve a smaller, lest costly, and more accountable federal government. I think the American people are seeing how the I.R.S. scandal and now what the Justice Department did to the press and what happened in Benghazi and what's going on with Obamacare. The American people looking up at a government that's out of control. It's too big to govern. And so the mission I came here with as a small businessman 23 years ago is still my mission, to fight for a smaller, lest costly, and more accountable federal government. To empower the private sector to be all that it can be, to create jobs for our kids and our grandkids. That's what drives me every day and I know people from the outside look in and go, ‘My, how can he put up with all this nonsense?’ But I don't look at it that way. I stay focused on the mission I came here with, and it's still the mission I have.”

Boehner: President Obama’s Sequester Will Stay in Effect Until He Agrees to Reforms That Put Us on a Path to Balance the Budget in 10 Years

“Who insisted on the sequester? The President of the United States …  He insisted on it. Now, understand something, Bob. The government has spent more of the money that's brought in for 55 of the last 60 years. Now I made it clear two and a half years ago when I was about to become speaker that we were not going to kick this can down the road again. And so the president insisted on the sequester. I said the sequester would be in effect until the president would agree to cuts and reforms that will put us on a path to balance the budget over the next ten years.”

Boehner: Controlling Spending & Simplifying the Tax Code Will Help Our Economy Grow

“Well, that we would do something to fix our fiscal situation. It's the biggest threat to the future of our country. … So we need tax reform, where we bring down the rates, we get rid of the garbage in the tax code, make it fairer for more Americans, and it'll help us with real economic growth. But in addition to that, we've got to fix our entitlement problem. These programs are important to tens of millions of Americans. And they're not going to be there if we don't get serious about fixing these programs so that our kids and grandkids aren't giving 60 percent or 70 percent of their check to the federal government to pay for our benefits.”