Families Can’t Afford POTUS’ Small Business Tax Hike, Troops Can’t Afford His ‘Sequester’ | Speaker.gov

Last week, a new report showed job growth is “well below what is needed” and the White House blew off a deadline to report on the impact of the Obama defense ‘sequester.’  But instead of working with Republicans to address these challenges and others, the president made it clear to CBS News he’s still focused on a small business tax hike that would destroy 700,000 jobs.

The House of Representatives, on the other hand, has passed responsible legislation to:

Unfortunately for President Obama, the American people don’t think highly of his tax hikes.  In a recent Gallup survey, Americans ranked raising taxes dead last among their priorities for our next president.  And a McClatchy-Marist survey “found a majority of Americans … prefer the Republican proposal” to stop all of the tax hikes.  And small business owners now cite taxes as one of their top challenges.

And America’s top military officials don’t think highly of the Obama defense ‘sequester.’  Neither the president nor Senate Democrats have outlined a plan for replacing these cuts, which Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said would “hollow out the force and inflict severe damage to our national defense.”  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey, recently said Obama’s ‘sequester’ would leave us with a “hollow force.”

American families and small businesses can’t afford the president’s tax hike, and our troops can’t afford his ‘sequester.’  President Obama and Senate Democrats need to stop campaigning for tax hikes that will hurt our economy, and start working with Republicans to protect small business jobs and protect our troops.