A Fitting End to a Year of Disastrous Foreign Policy Decisions | Speaker.gov

Last week, the Obama administration welcomed in 2016 by backing down from its plan to impose additional sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program. It marked a fitting end to a year of disastrous foreign policy decisions.

The Iranian regime has illegally test-fired two ballistic missiles in just the past three months, despite the fact that such activity explicitly violates two United Nations Security Council resolutions. The administration’s response so far? Crickets. Actually, it may be worse than crickets.

The president initially indicated that he would levy new punitive sanctions against Iran—a prudent step in response to the regime’s blatant, repeated violations of international law. However, after empty and inaccurate rhetoric from Tehran that such U.S. action was “arbitrary and illegal,” the administration quickly shelved the sanctions.

“I believe in the power of vigorous enforcement that pushes back on Iran’s bad behavior.…If we don’t do that, we invite Iran to cheat.”

That’s a quote from Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, a staunch Democrat who supported the nuclear deal. As the Wall Street Journal further explains, “Sen. Coons’s stated concern about the White House’s inaction on the sanctions represents a broader disquiet inside the Democratic Party about the nuclear deal.”

Even members of the president’s own party oppose this clear capitulation to the Iranian regime. The administration should do the right thing and move forward sanctions against Tehran's illicit behavior.