The White House more or less admitted it has “has largely taken its eye off the ball,” and that President Obama will have to “make yet another pivot back” to jobs in a speech this Wednesday (he’s done this several times before). When he does, we wonder if he’ll address the mess his policies have created …

Five years into the Obama presidency, economic “growth is slowing, and there still aren’t nearly enough new jobs to employ the almost 12 million people seeking work,” says the Washington Post.

The Obama administration predicted the ‘stimulus’ would lower the unemployment rate to five percent by 2013. Instead, it’s 7.6 percent. And “America is well on its way to becoming a nation of part-timers and full-time temps,” reports the Daily Beast, who says we’re mired in an “economic dystopia.”

The “share of Americans who work part-time for economic reasons, meaning they can’t find full-time jobs or because their hours have been cut, is 78 percent higher than in December 2007, when the 18-month recession began,” says Bloomberg News – some economists say ObamaCare “exacerbates the trend,” making it harder for small businesses to hire.

Democrats claimed ObamaCare would lower health care costs (it’s even in the official name – “Affordable Care Act”). Instead, “[t]he law’s heavy-handed approach to the health insurance market massively drives up premiums for the average person,” says Forbes. A report from the nation’s largest insurers says premiums are going to skyrocket. A person buying an individual policy in Ohio, for example, will pay an average of nearly $200 more – every month.

And while gas prices soar nationwide,” the president continues to block popular projects like the Keystone XL pipeline and lock-up America’s energy resources. AAA says “[m]otorists shouldn't expect gasoline prices to ever fall below $3 again.”

Slow economic growth and rising prices are part of the “new normal” Americans struggle with under President Obama, says Speaker John Boehner. The Republican Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs is designed to address these challenges by strengthening our economy and making life work for everyone. Read more at, and stay tuned for more information on the president’s speech this week.