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The Obama administration has known for three years that the president’s health care law would force millions of Americans off their health plans, according to an explosive new NBC News report, but that didn’t stop President Obama from repeatedly claiming otherwise.  While the president continued pushing his ‘if you like it, you can keep it’ rhetoric – knowing full well it wasn’t true - House Republicans were warning that the president’s promise wouldn’t hold up.  Today, those warnings are proving prescient:

  • Speaker Boehner (R-OH): “Look at this bill. Ask yourself: do you really believe that if you like the health plan that you have, that you can keep it?  No, you can't.” (Floor Speech, 3/21/10)
  • Republican Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA): “At the start of the health care debate last year, President Obama and the Democrat majority made two critical promises. They assured the American people their bill would lower costs and that if they liked the coverage they had they could keep it.  The American people have learned that the new health care law will meet neither of those tests.” (Statement, 5/27/10)
  • House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI): “So much for the President's claim that, ‘If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.’ Even the New York Times reported, ‘the rules appear to fall short of the sweeping commitments President Obama made while trying to reassure the public in the fight over health legislation.’” (Statement, 6/14/10)
  • House Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI): “When the president said if you like your health-care plan you can keep it, he was just flat-out wrong.” (The Washington Post, 1/9/11)
  • Rep. Tom Price (R-GA): “On the stump, the President regularly tells Americans that ‘if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.’  But if you read the bill, that just isn’t so.  For starters, within five years, every health care plan will have to meet a new federal definition for coverage – one that your current plan might not match, even if you like it.” (Weekly GOP Address, 8/24/09)

According to CBS News, two million Americans have already received notice that their health plans are being canceled, forcing many into higher-cost options that they can’t afford.  Like Nikki Gibson, a hair stylist in Seattle who “couldn’t believe how much” her health care costs went up after losing her current policy, “I was like ‘what?’ The deductible too, to go up triple that’s insane.”  Or Deborah Cavallaro, a real estate agent in Westchester, CA, who says “I just won't have health insurance because I can't pay this increase.”  As these individuals and thousands of other American families are finding out, the president didn’t just break his promise that they could keep their coverage, he’s broken his promise to make the coverage they can get affordable. 

House Republicans are continuing to hold the Obama administration accountable for this train wreck of a law, holding hearings this week in the Ways & Means and Energy & Commerce Committees, and introducing legislation to help Americans keep the coverage they have.  If the president wants to make good on at least one of his promises, he should support this bill and call on Senate Democrats to do the same.  “The problem with ObamaCare isn’t just the website – it’s the whole law,” Speaker Boehner said today, and House Republicans will continue fighting to protect all Americans from its disastrous consequences.