This a big night in politics: President Trump will address Congress and our nation during the State of the Union address. We will hear what’s working and what’s next on the agenda to improve the state of our union. 

Here are four topics you should listen for from President Trump as he speaks in the chamber of the House of Representatives tonight: 

1. Military Readiness. President Trump will likely outline the threats of our modern world—from North Korea to Iran to ISIS—and remind the American people of the importance of a strong military in keeping us safe. If the latest government shutdown, led by the Senate Democrats, has taught us anything, it’s that political brinksmanship at the cost of our service members has to stop. The path of funding the government through continuing resolutions is not sustainable. And that means Senate Democrats must stop blocking our appropriation bills to score political points. Today, the House voted for a third time to fund the Department of Defense. That’s just the first step. Speaker Ryan outlined one of his top priorities for Congress this year in a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies earlier this month. "Today, the United States has the greatest fighting force in the world. Keeping it that way is vital to keeping our country safe. But right now, our men and women in uniform are operating under enormous strain, some of which, frankly, is of our own making. That is why rebuilding our military is one of the highest priorities of our unified government. I can tell you it is my highest priority today.

2. Tax Reform. America’s economic confidence is coming back, thanks in no small part to the new tax reform law. We’ve seen hundreds of companies announce bonusesexpanded benefits, and new investments in the United States. So far, roughly 3.8 million employees have been impacted by these changes, with more than $2.4 billion in bonuses handed out and upwards of $140 billion being invested in the U.S. economy—and these are just the larger companies that make news. Soon, 90 percent of American wage earners will feel the benefits of the reduced personal tax rates in their paycheck. This is huge for the American people and for America’s economic confidence.

3. Regulations. We are proud of our record in rolling back burdensome regulations that have hamstrung the economy. Last year, Congress worked with the Trump administration to take part in the largest utilization of the Congressional Review Act in history—undoing 15 Obama-era regulations that have hurt businesses and economic growth. The CRA also makes it clear that these regulations can never be issued again. Through tax reform, we’ve also repealed the burdensome and unpopular individual mandate. It goes back to America’s regaining economic confidence. And through executive action and agency directives, the Trump administration has rolled back so many more harmful regulations. America’s energy development has been especially helped by the Trump administration’s actions, most notably the repeal of the costly Clean Power Plan that was so devastating to coal country.

4. Opioids. Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., with opioids topping the list at almost 52 deaths a day. The reality is that our communities—from coast to coast—are fighting a relentless opioid epidemic. Following the enactment of major legislation like the Comprehensive Recovery and Addiction Act and the 21st Century Cures Act, President Trump declared this crisis a public health emergency last October. Tonight, we expect President Trump to continue to discuss how communities can better fight such a widespread scourge through the likes of addiction education, prevention, and treatment, and enhanced local law enforcement support. As Speaker Ryan has said, “It’s time to remove the stigma of addiction and ensure people have access to the help they desperately need—and deserve.”