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President Obama’s big “pivot” back to jobs today was missing a few key things. For example …

1) Republicans already laid out a jobs plan and have been passing jobs bills all year.

President Obama said, “I am laying out my ideas to give the middle class a better shot. Now it’s time for you to lay out yours.” Speaker Boehner quickly replied on Twitter that Republicans already laid out a plan to grow the economy and help create new jobs… a while ago …

Boehner linked to the Republican Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs and a speech from June highlighting the importance of expanding energy production, crafting a fairer and simpler tax code, and more. While the president has to keep “pivoting” back to the economy, Republicans never stopped focusing on jobs.

2) The president has signed several bills dismantling parts of his health care law.

The president called votes taken by the House of Representatives to delay and dismantle his health care law “meaningless.” What he failed to mention is that he signed seven of those bills into law. Here’s a list. And these bills all passed with bipartisan support, including last week’s legislation that would give individuals and families the same relief from ObamaCare that the president is giving to big businesses.

3) Interest rates on student loans only doubled because Senate Democrats didn’t act – and the president didn’t urge them to do so.

President Obama also claimed that interest rates on student loans doubled “a few weeks ago because of Congressional inaction.” Not quite.

The Republican-led House of Representatives passed the Smarter Solutions for Students Act two months ago. It was based on the president’s plan to stop rates from doubling and make paying for college more affordable. The president sat quiet while Senate Democrats wasted several weeks squabbling over a “dead-end” proposal that was going nowhere, though, allowing rates to double on July 1.

The bill Senate Democrats will finally vote on is “almost identical” to the bill Republicans passed two months ago.

4) In his 66 minute speech, the president didn’t take a government shutdown off the table.

The White House was given two chances yesterday and another one today to dismiss the idea that it would shut down the government unless it gets higher taxes to fuel more ‘stimulus’ spending.

But the president didn’t bite.

He even claimed that Republicans have “insisted on leaving in place a meat cleaver called the sequester,” ignoring the fact that the House voted twice to replace his sequester with smarter spending cuts and reforms. There’s definitely a better way to control spending – a key part of the Republican jobs plan – than the sequester, but it doesn’t involve raising taxes again or shutting down the government.