Every year, following the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and now Cyber Monday, Americans come together to look outward on Giving Tuesday.

Today marks the start of the giving season—a time to consider what we can do not for ourselves, but for those in need. Maybe this means dropping off supplies at your local elementary school, or donating to a national organization fighting for a cause you believe in. Big or small, charitable giving is a tradition many families prioritize during the Christmas season—Speaker Ryan’s included.

For the Ryans, it means donating to pregnancy crisis centers to ensure women in trying situations are treated with compassion, are given options, and have access to proper resources for safe pregnancies. It means making a concerted effort to help those who’ve been dealt a difficult hand.  

Charitable giving is a pillar of American society, and an act we need to protect. With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we’ll increase the standard deduction for taxpayers and preserve the deduction for charitable giving, so that those who are able and willing to contribute financially have more control over their donations. Because whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of charitable causes, we can all agree that it’s this special brand of generosity that makes America great.

So on this Giving Tuesday, we’re grateful for the many charities shaping our nation, and hopeful for the impact they’ll continue to have. From our families to yours, may you have a blessed and bountiful holiday season.