“A Good Deal,” Mr. President? Not When Your Hours Are Cut, Your Policy Is Canceled & Your Rates Skyrocket | Speaker.gov

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President Obama made an audacious claim about his disastrous health care law yesterday: “The product, the health insurance is good.  The prices are good.  It is a good deal.”

  • “A good deal?”  With all due respect, the president’s comments belittle the concerns millions of Americans have with the president’s health care law, and its impact on them and their families.  Take, for example:
  • The “351 employers who have opted to cut work hours or take related job actions in order to limit liability under ObamaCare,” Investor’s Business Daily reports, including the “101 school districts … [that] have cut the hours of support staff such as teacher aides, bus drivers and cafeteria workers — or outsourced their job functions.”
  • The hundreds of thousands of Americans that have received notice that their health plans are being canceled, and the thousands more who could lose coverage as employers brace for higher costs under ObamaCare by “downgrading the quality of their employees’ benefits or looking into dropping coverage altogether,” the Lansing State Journal reports.  

The young Americans – already struggling with persistently high joblessness - who will “see their health insurance premiums increase under Obamacare,” says the Washington Examiner, and many others who will “face higher monthly premiums and more financial risk as deductibles and out-of-pocket limits rise,” according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The president did get one thing right yesterday: ObamaCare is “more than just a website” – it’s a fundamentally-flawed law that is putting Americans’ jobs, health insurance and financial security at risk.  That’s why they deserve the same “good deal” insurance companies and big businesses got when the president delayed the law’s mandates for them, while leaving the rest of America on the hook.  It’s a matter of basic fairness.

They also deserve a president who will level with them about what they can expect under this train wreck of a law, not another lecture riddled with excuses.  “Americans didn’t get any answers from the president today, but the House’s oversight of this failure is just beginning,” Speaker Boehner said yesterday, “Congress is going to get to the bottom of this debacle.”