'Good Oversight Is Essential to Protecting Taxpayers' | Speaker.gov

A strong police force is essential to protecting the Capitol complex as good oversight is essential to protecting American taxpayers. That was the message to lead off Speaker Ryan’s weekly press briefing this morning where he opened his remarks congratulating incoming Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa, followed by a rundown of six different oversight priorities House Republicans advanced this week. Below are excerpts from Speaker Ryan’s remarks:

I would like to take a moment to congratulate the new chief of the Capitol Police, Matthew Verderosa. The Capitol Police has a tremendous responsibility: to protect the members, the staff, the press, and all the visitors here on Capitol Hill. Chief Verderosa brings to this post decades of experience in federal law enforcement, starting as a beat cop and working his way up to assistant chief. He has the trust and the confidence of the Police Board, and therefore, he has mine as well.

“I also want to thank outgoing Chief Dine for his service to our country and to this Capitol complex. I want to commend all the men and women of the Capitol Police. They go above and beyond for us every day. I’ve gotten to know them very closely in this post and it’s just amazing what they do for us each and every day. And all of us who work here in the Capitol should show and express our signs of gratitude.”


“I want to talk about oversight. Good oversight is essential to protecting taxpayers and preventing executive overreach.

“Just this week, the Appropriations Committee held a hearing to press the VA inspector general on the poor care our veterans are receiving. Members of Congress filed an amicus brief to support the states in their effort to stop the president’s war on coal. Natural Resources held a hearing on the Puerto Rico debt crisis. Energy and Commerce announced that it will hold a hearing on the Zika virus next week. The Select Panel on Infant Lives announced that it will hold its first hearing next week. And because of the work of our Armed Services Committee, the president was forced to reveal his plan to try and transfer terrorist detainees to American soil.

“That’s just half a dozen examples of things we’re doing each and every day here in the House Republican caucus to hold this administration accountable for the American people.”


But wait—there’s more! During his Q&A, Speaker Ryan expanded on where his focus lies in 2016. If you guessed his answer involved the House Republican agenda to re-establish a #ConfidentAmerica, you’re right! Here’s how Speaker Ryan explained it:

“What I’m really focused on is this agenda project. I’m focused on getting this place working. I’m focused on regular order. I’m focused on a bottom-up approach to running Congress the way I think the Founders intended Congress to be run. And we’re very excited about going on offense on ideas by offering the country a very clear and compelling choice. And that’s pretty much where my mind and attention is.”