Guess What Iran Just Did (Again) |

In July, the Obama administration reached a dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran, despite opposition from a bipartisan majority in the House.

Nevertheless, the hasn’t stopped Iran from continuing to imprison American citizens, like Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, or developing advanced weapons to attack the West.

Yesterday, we learned that Iran recently tested a medium-range ballistic missile in direct violation of two United Nations Security Council resolutions. In fact, the nuclear agreement itself calls on Tehran to stop its ballistic missile program for at least the next eight years.

This marks the second time Iran has illegally tested a ballistic missile since the nuclear agreement was signed. And yet the response from the Obama administration has effectively been nothing.

It’s clear Iran feels immune to pursue its illicit behavior despite the so-called binding, international agreement it just signed. The administration may give the mullahs another free pass, but we will not.

This week, the House will consider bipartisan legislation to sanction the Lebanese-based terrorist group Hezbollah—an Iranian proxy responsible for hundreds of American deaths. Deal or no deal, we cannot allow Iran’s threatening activities to continue without consequence.