The president’s failed policies are generating plenty of fodder for late-night laughs, but his health care law – and the disastrous impact it’s having on jobs – is no joke for the millions of Americans who can’t find full-time work in the Obama economy.  As the president heads to Leno tonight, here are a few recent headlines we sure hope he won’t be “chuckling” at:

  • “The Obamacare economy: 35 part-time jobs for every new full-time job” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8/5/13)
  • “ObamaCare Spurs Shift Away From 30-34-Hour Workweek” (Investor’s Business Daily, 8/5/13)
  • “ObamaCare Dropping Full-Timers at Schools, Local Governments” (Fox Business, 7/31/13)
  • “Health-care law is tied to new caps on work hours for part-timers” (The Washington Post, 7/23/13)
  • “Brevard cuts some workers’ part-time hours to avoid Obamacare rules” (Florida Today, 7/23/13)
  • “ObamaCare forces Trig’s to limit workers’ hours” (WJFW News, 7/24/13)
  • “University of Alabama to cap student work hours due to Affordable Care Act mandates” (, 7/23/13)
  • “Small businesses to cut hours and workers due to Obama healthcare law, survey says” (Los Angeles Times, 7/19/13)
  • “Maryland Employers Cutting Hours Due to Obamacare” (Free Beacon, 7/18/13)
  • “St. Pete College, HCC cut adjuncts’ hours over health care” (Tampa Tribune, 7/14/13)

In the wake of the most recent jobs report, Keith Hall, a senior researcher at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center, tells McClatchy that “over the last six months, of the net job creation, 97 percent of that is part-time work,” attributing the lack of full-time job growth in part to “employers shifting workers to part-time status to avoid coming health care obligations.”  The Associated Press has a similar take, noting that some employers are adding a disproportionate number of part-time jobs “to sidestep the new health care law’s” employer mandate. 

The White House’s delay in the employer mandate last month provides “little practical relief for businesses,” Sally Pipes writes in Forbes today, and “simply gives them one more year to react — by cutting benefits, trimming hours, or reducing staff.”  It’s also unfair to the rest of Americans, who are still on the hook for the president’s health care law, even as his administration struggles with its implementation (more here). 

House Republicans have taken action to protect all Americans by delaying the ObamaCare mandates on employers and individuals, and President Obama himself has signed seven bills that dismantle or defund other parts of this train wreck.   That effort will continue under House Republicans’ Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs that calls for repealing and replacing the president’s health care law with better solutions that will lower costs and protect jobs.  Read the full plan at