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Today at 2:30 p.m. ET, President Trump will give a speech on a tax reform in Springfield, MO, to talk about our commitment to provide real tax relief for middle class families.

As part of this effort, Speaker Ryan recently took the case for tax reform to his employers at a town hall in Wisconsin’s First District, and then to employees at Intel and Boeing in the Pacific Northwest. If you missed any of it, here are some headlines and highlights:

Racine, WI

Paul Ryan Calls for Tax Reform, Letting Americans ‘Keep More of Your Own Money.’ … House Speaker Paul Ryan called for tax reform Monday night at a town hall in Racine, Wisconsin. ‘What we are proposing on the individual side is get rid of the loopholes, get rid of the carve-outs, just lower people’s tax rates,’ Ryan said. ‘Let you keep more of your own money. And simplify the code so much that you can fill out your taxes on a postcard.’” (Daily Signal)

Hillsboro, OR

Paul Ryan visits Oregon, preaches tax reform at Intel. Ryan, joined by U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore., said he'd like Congress to pass legislation slashing tax rates for business and individuals, a move he said he believes would jumpstart economic growth and make American businesses more competitive. … The Wisconsin Republican told reporters his aim for the visit was to have ‘a great dialogue about tax reform’  which he described as Republicans' ‘priority for this year.’” (The Oregonian)

Speaker Paul Ryan talks tax reform, party unity at Intel. … Ryan said taxes on businesses are too high, damaging a company's ability to compete on the global stage. He pointed to lower taxes in countries like Canada, Ireland and Israel, and said the current tax code is essentially ‘taxing businesses out of America.’ … For individuals, Ryan advocated for a simple tax code with fewer loopholes and complicated features. ‘We want to simplify taxes so much you can do them on a postcard,’ he said.” (Portland Tribune)

Paul Ryan again pushes for a simpler tax code. House Speaker Paul Ryan touted Republicans' tax reform plan Wednesday after touring an Intel facility in Oregon. Ryan cast the coming GOP proposal as essential to simplifying the tax code and allowing the U.S. economy and its companies to thrive.” (CNBC)

“House Speaker Paul Ryan's stop at Intel Wednesday morning, complete with demos of the latest in autonomous car and drone technology, was part of a cross-country tour visiting major American employers to talk tax reform.” (KGW)

House Speaker Paul Ryan visits Intel, talks tax reform. House Speaker Paul Ryan discussed tax reform during a visit to Intel's offices outside Portland, Oregon.” (Associated Press)

Everett, WA

House Speaker Ryan tours Boeing, talks tax reform with employees. … Ryan argued that reducing the tax rate for businesses and simplifying the tax code for individuals will spur economic growth and give people greater confidence in the country. … Ryan said the Republican plan would rewrite the tax code for individuals and families by reducing the number of brackets and deductions. As a result it would be ‘so simple you can fill out your returns on a post card,’ he said.” (Everett Daily Herald)

House speaker Paul Ryan pushes his tax proposal at Boeing Everett. … Ryan is on a tour of the Northwest as part of a push to revamp the nation's tax code, a plan that focuses on cutting the corporate tax rate and simplifying the tax code.” (KING)

House Speaker Ryan touts lower taxes in Boeing visit. U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan toured the Boeing plant in Everett, answered workers’ questions on a variety of matters and pitched the Republican plan to cut taxes for corporations. … Ryan said reducing the tax rate for businesses and simplifying the tax code for individuals will spur economic growth.” (Associated Press)

House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke to a group of Boeing employees during a town hall-style Q&A on tax reform on Thursday morning. ‘We are taxing this business, these planes, your jobs in this country at a much higher tax rate than other our foreign competitors tax theirs.’ … Congressman Dan Newhouse (R-Sunnyside) joined Ryan in Everett.” (MyNorthwest.com)

“House Speaker Paul Ryan is pushing the Republican plan to cut corporate taxes and simplify individual returns. Today, he discussed the need for reform with a group of Boeing employees at its plant in Everett, WA.” (PBS Nightly Business Report)

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