HEAT Video Highlights Failure of President Obama's Energy Policies | Speaker.gov

Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and the House Energy Action Team (HEAT) are out with a new video that highlights the failure of President Obama’s anti-energy policies. Watch the video here:

The HEAT video highlights the big gap between what the president says about doing “all of the above” and what his administration has done to block, delay, and reject new energy production (note: federal energy production has dropped during President Obama’s term). Speaker Boehner calls this the “Obama Gap,” and it’s led to higher energy costs that are hurting families and small businesses.

House Republicans have taken action to address high gas prices and create new jobs. Under the American Energy Initiative, the House has passed several bipartisan bills that remove government barriers to production and stop policies that drive up energy costs. You can see a full list here.

The video, and HEAT’s new widget (right) that shows gas prices have nearly doubled on the president’s watch, are part of a coordinated effort by Republicans to hold the White House accountable for its anti-energy policies. While the administration might think it’s doing a swell job, the American people deserve better.

Whip McCarthy and other HEAT members will be discussing the next steps in the American Energy Initiative at a press conference this afternoon.