Helpful Suggestions for POTUS’ Next Economic Speech |

Toward the end of his remarks yesterday, President Obama said, “Let’s work together to do what the American people sent us here to do: create jobs; grow our economy; expand opportunity” (he must have read the GOP jobs plan). Unfortunately, the president had just spent much of what’s being called an “ill-timed” and “odd” speech “slamming Republicans.”

If the president is serious about working together, here are some constructive suggestions on how he could better phrase his claims next time (helpful links included). For example:

Instead of: “Republicans in the House have tried to repeal or sabotage [the health care law] several times. They failed every time.” Next time he could say:

“I’ve already signed seven bills that repeal or defund parts of my health care law. I’m ready to sign more. A bipartisan bill passed the House that would delay the law for everyone, the same way I delayed it for big businesses, and save taxpayers $35 billion. I hope Democrats in the Senate pass this bill immediately. And I hope they’ll take up the bill from Congresswoman Diane Black to protect taxpayers from health care subsidy fraud – a Senate committee already passed similar language; it’s a no-brainer.”

Instead of: “I will not negotiate.” Next time he could say:

“I can’t wait to work with Republicans to tackle our spending problem, just like past presidents have done. I ran up trillion-dollar deficits in each of my first few years in office, and our debt is still growing. It’s obvious to me now that we have a spending problem. Now, I know President Clinton made balancing the budget a priority, but since my colleagues in the Senate won’t pass a balanced budget like the House did, we need to try something else. Every major effort to reduce the deficit over the last 30 years was tied to the debt limit -- this is our chance to do it again.”

Instead of: “There is no serious evidence that the [health care] law… is holding back economic growth.” Next time he could say:

“I had to delay this law for big businesses, and I want to delay it for everyone, because it’s clearly hurting our economy. Premiums are going up. It makes it harder for small businesses to hire. I couldn’t keep my promise that if you like your plan you can keep it. My own party thinks it’s a train wreck. Let’s work together to scrap it and start over.”

Instead of: “Republicans have chosen to leave in place the so-called sequester cuts...” Next time he could say:

“I appreciate that Republicans in the House of Representatives have voted repeatedly to replace my ‘sequester’ with smarter spending cuts and reforms. I think it’s time Senate Democrats did the same.”

Instead of: “Republicans in Congress don’t seem to be focused on how to grow the economy and build the middle class.” Next time he could say:

“I’ve read the Republican Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs. I’ve studied the many jobs bills passed by the House that would expand opportunity for all Americans – if they weren’t being blocked by the U.S. Senate. And I have to say: the House GOP is on to something. There are a lot of barriers to economic growth -- and we can work together to knock those down. I’m going to start right now by announcing that my administration has approved the Keystone XL pipeline and the thousands of new jobs it would create.”

Instead of: “[T]here are a number of [Republicans] out there who I think are decent folks…” Next time he could sayaww, shucks. That one’s good just as it is. No suggestion.