“The Hillary Clinton private emails controversy has new legs and the Democratic frontrunner has only herself to blame,” CNN’s John King reported Sunday. “After the House Select Benghazi Committee released new emails this past week, the Obama State Department was forced to admit it was not in possession of some Clinton emails that clearly discussed department business. … Secretary Clinton can’t definitely prove there aren’t additional things that should have been turned over to the government that were not. She can’t prove that because she erased her private email server without any independent supervision.”

Pointing out that Hillary Clinton’s statement that she had turned over all of her work-related emails “is not true,” MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell piled on. “If you care at all about the Freedom of Information Act, which is what liberals should care about here, that was an absolutely unacceptable choice from the start, that she used an email system in that way, and then that she deleted it,” he said Tuesday. “That was to contradict the Freedom of Information Act, Americans’ freedom, the press freedom, to be able to request these kinds of documents.”

But it was exactly this accountability and transparency that Hillary Clinton tried so hard to avoid as she performed her taxpayer-funded duties as Secretary of State. That includes periods of time when the Benghazi terrorist attack was front and center, and Sidney Blumenthal was sending her unvetted, unsubstantiated intelligence on Libya. The Obama administration confirmed last week that she deleted specific parts of at least six emails before turning them over to the State Department. What other emails are still missing?

“Hillary failed to supply a complete record, despite her assertions to the contrary,” the New York Post editorialized. “Once again the public may never know what it’s missing.”

“[A]fter arranging for a secret server, screening her own messages, and making the unilateral decision to destroy those she deemed personal, Hillary Clinton does not get the benefit of the doubt,” the Boston Herald editorial board concluded.

That’s why she should turn over her private server to an independent, neutral third-party who can examine it and decide which of her emails should be public and which should be private.

As Benghazi Select Committee Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) told CBS News on Sunday, Hillary Clinton will testify as soon as the committee has what it needs to “have a constructive conversation with her.”