HouseOfIdeas-EmailBanner.jpgBefore you settle in for all the twists and turns of your annual 10-hour House of Cards binge, here’s what the real U.S. Congress is up to in 2016.

In short: a House of Ideas. We are working on a bold, pro-growth agenda to restore a #ConfidentAmerica. (Has a better ring to it than ‘America Works,’ doesn’t it?) At this point, you’ve probably heard Speaker Ryan say this on more than one occasion. But what does a bold, pro-growth agenda actually mean?

The number one priority is to put together a complete alternative to the Left’s agenda. That agenda has to be optimistic. It has to be inclusive. It has to reclaim the American Ideathe notion that the condition of your birth doesn’t determine the outcome of your life.

It also has to be developed from the bottom up. So we’ve assembled task forces made up of committee chairs who are taking input and ideas from the people’s representatives. (Democracy is not so overrated, after all.)

Over the past week, our task forces have released mission statements outlining our goals and principles:

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Here’s the reality: We won’t get these reforms into law with Barack Obama (or Francis Underwood) in the White House. This is a president who has repeatedly attempted to circumvent Congress and undermine the Constitution. Instead, this agenda represents what we can accomplish with a Republican president in 2017. If we want to be a proposition party—and not just an opposition party—then we owe it to the people to present our positive vision for the country.

We'll be releasing even more details in the coming months, but you know what they say: No spoilers.