House-Passed Bill Blocked by Senate Dems Will Protect 7,500 Wisconsin Paper Jobs, 224,000 Jobs Nationwide |

Job creators say excessive new regulations “often are unnecessary and hold them back from expanding and adding jobs,” according to a report in today’s Wausau Daily Herald.  Jeffrey Landin, president of the Wisconsin Paper Council, cites new Obama Administration regulations on boilers that could cost as many as 7,500 paper industry jobs in Wisconsin, and more than 20,000 paper industry jobs nationwide.  The Council of Industrial Boiler Owners estimates that the boiler rule would put a total of 224,000 jobs at risk across the economy, impacting everything from universities to factories to hospitals.  “It’s an incredible cost with no benefit, and it will only cost jobs,” says Landin.

While the Obama Administration “is making a full-fledged effort to knock back Republican claims that overregulation is slowing down economic growth,” (Politico, 10/24/11) the new House majority is listening to small business owners like Bob Kulp, co-owner of a small roofing and insulation contracting business in Stratford, WI, who say: “‘The reason businesses are sitting on the sidelines -- I know this for a fact -- is we just don’t know what’s coming down the pike.”

The new House majority has passed more than a dozen bills to help free small businesses from the burden of excessive regulation, including bipartisan legislation (H.R. 2250) that stops the boiler rule and requires the administration to develop a more sensible alternative that balances the need to protect both jobs and the environment.  The majority of these bills, passed as part of the Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators, remain stalled in the Democrat-led Senate.  Small business owners like Bob Kulp “can’t wait” any longer for the Senate to act – nor can the 14 million unemployed Americans depending on small businesses to create jobs.  Learn more and follow the progress of these House-passed jobs bills at: