Today, the House will take up the Highway and Transportation Funding Act (H.R. 5021), which will sustain the Highway Trust Fund and keep infrastructure projects around the country on schedule – without raising taxes.

It’s another example of House Republicans getting things done and supporting jobs, even as Senate Democrats fail to do much of anything, except for turning obstruction into an art form.

As for President Obama, he’s bragging about how his “pretty smart policies” have done wonders for the economy, but millions of Americans are still out of work and even more are struggling to pay the bills. When it comes to quality jobs, last month may have been the worst June on record. And so, the president without a plan for growing new jobs is playing loose with the facts at campaign-like stops around the country.

His tour will continue this week with a focus on infrastructure. He says he has a better, long-term plan to replenish the Highway Trust Fund (translation: it raises taxes), but if that’s the case, shouldn’t Senate Democrats schedule a vote on it? Until they do, the president’s speeches on the issue are nothing but background noise.

It’s just one of the many reasons why outside observers and members of the president’s own party believe that the wheels are coming off this presidency. In instance after instance, his rhetoric simply doesn’t match the reality on the ground.

For example, while President Obama professes his love for infrastructure, he’s blocking the Keystone XL pipeline, an infrastructure improvement project supported by 61 percent of Americans. While he says his transportation infrastructure plan would “support millions of jobs,” he claims that building Keystone won’t generate a significant number of jobs, just a “blip,” despite all the evidence to the contrary.

House Republicans share the priorities of the American people: jobs and the economy. That focus is demonstrated in part by Speaker Boehner’s vision for making America a nation of builders again, but it’s about more than just words. The House has passed dozens of jobs and infrastructure bills, like the North American Energy Infrastructure Act (H.R. 3301) and the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act (H.R. 1900). You can track their status and compare President Obama’s rhetoric to reality at