House Small Business Committee Unveils Small Biz Reg Watch Initiative |

Small businesses are bracing for “a tsunami of executive orders and regulations” from the Obama administration, and the House Small Business Committee is helping them make their voices heard with the Small Biz Reg Watch initiative unveiled today.  Small Biz Reg Watch will highlight pending regulations for small business owners, and give them the opportunity to speak out about how the rules being handed down by bureaucrats in Washington affect their ability to grow and hire new workers.  Here’s more from House Small Business Committee Chairman Sam Graves (R-MO):

“Most small businesses don’t have lawyers or lobbyists who focus on regulatory compliance, like larger corporations may have,” said Chairman Graves. “Therefore, our Committee wants to help them participate in the federal government rule-making process. Not all regulations are bad, but many can be unnecessarily burdensome and it is important that small companies express their concerns before a rule is finalized. Because small businesses bear a regulatory cost that is much higher than the cost of compliance for large businesses, our Committee wants to help small companies make their voice heard as federal regulations are being considered.” 

According to the National Federation of Independent Business – the nation’s largest small business advocacy organization – “there are currently 4,128 federal regulations in the pipeline which, if implemented, will impose costs of more than $515 billion on the U.S. economy.”  The Small Business Committee reports that small businesses “pay a regulatory compliance cost that is 36 percent higher than large businesses,” at a time when they remain fearful of rising health care and energy costs, and the threat of more tax hikes, according to the most recent Gallup survey

Reining in the Obama administration’s red tape factory in Washington is part of House Republicans’ Pledge to America and Plan for America’s Job Creators, and the Small Biz Reg Watch represents another step in that effort.  The House has already passed several bills targeting burdensome federal regulations that hurt small businesses and hamper private-sector job creation, and will continue working to hold the Obama administration accountable for the impact of its excessive regulatory agenda. 

Learn more about the Plan for America’s Job Creators here, and the Pledge to America by “liking” it on Facebook.

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