If the President Won’t Save the Highly-Successful D.C. School Choice Program, the Speaker Will | Speaker.gov

An editorial this morning in the Washington Post takes aim at the Obama administration for attempting to zero out funding for the highly-successful D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (OSP):

“Does the administration really want to send the message – much like the one delivered in 2009 when Democrats tried to kill the vouchers – that there is not much of a future for the program? Surely, it shouldn’t be among the president’s priorities to single out for attack a tiny federal program that not only works – in the judgment of federal evaluators – but also enjoys bipartisan support.”

As the editorial notes, Speaker Boehner and Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) sent a letter to President Obama in March pressing him and the administration to reverse course and expedite implementation of the program. The widely-praised initiative has an excellent track record of success in giving underprivileged D.C. students access to a lasting, quality education, and the letter from Speaker Boehner and Senator Lieberman makes clear that the program should be fully funded and implemented as quickly as possible.

The editorial goes on to express that if the president won’t do so, it hopes that “Mr. Boehner would step in, as he did last year, to save a program that D.C.’s poorest families value for their children.”  Rest assured the Speaker will if he has to, but it shouldn’t come to that.  The president and his party control Washington and he has the power to save this successful education program.  Instead of targeting it for elimination he should exercise that power and do what’s right.