INFOGRAPHIC: President Obama Is Blocking the Keystone Pipeline, Ceding Secure North American Energy to China |

CLAIM: President Obama says he supports American energy security.

  • “After years of talking about it, we are finally poised to control our own energy future.” (President Obama, State of the Union Address, February 12, 2013)

FACT: President Obama’s refusal to approve the Keystone pipeline has threatened the creation of thousands of American jobs and perpetuated America’s dependence on unstable foreign energy.

BOEHNER QUOTE: “Nebraska’s approval of a new Keystone XL pipeline route means there is no bureaucratic excuse, hurdle, or catch President Obama can use to delay this project any further.  He and he alone stands in the way of tens of thousands of new jobs and energy security.  Every state along the proposed route supports this project, as does a bipartisan coalition in Congress and a majority of Americans.  I recognize all the political pressure the president faces, but with our energy security at stake and many jobs in limbo, he should find a way to say yes.” (After Nebraska Approval, President Should Say Yes to Keystone, 1/22/12)


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