Inside the Democrat Playbook: Pass the Bill, Pass the Buck, Pass the Cost on to Americans |

Washington Democrats have been stuck on the same failed “tax, spend and regulate” agenda for more than two years, and they’re not about to stop now - regardless of the consequences.  From energy to health care to the economy, Democrats have refused to acknowledge – much less accept – responsibility for what their failed policies have wrought.  “The buck stops with me” has given way to the blame lies everywhere else. Seeing no fault in their failed policies, Democrats continue pressing for more of the same – to the detriment of American jobs and family budgets.  Here’s a peek inside the Democrats’ playbook:

  • MORE OF THE SAME FAILED ‘STIMULUS’ SPENDING PROPOSALS. Today, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that the unemployment rate remains stuck at 9.1 percent – the 32nd consecutive month that unemployment has been at or above eight percent.  An estimated 1.2 million jobs have been lost since the trillion-dollar ‘stimulus’ was signed. President Obama has tried to pin the failure on just about everything: job creators going “a little soft”, not-so-“shovel–ready” projects, a “string of bad luck,” even defenseless ATMs.  And now, despite the fact that Republicans have identified common ground on jobs with the President and pledged to work with him where possible, the White House is demanding more ‘stimulus’ spending in its jobs plan to be funded by a massive tax hike on small business job creators. 
  • MORE OF THE SAME EXCESSIVE REGULATIONS RAISING COSTS FOR AMERICAN FAMILIES. Recently, two major banks announced that they would begin charging additional fees to customers as a result of the 2,300-page financial regulation bill that was signed into law last year. Sen. Durbin (whose legislation made these new fees necessary) was outraged, and took to the Senate floor this week to encourage a run on one of the banks: “Vote with your feet, get the heck out of that bank,” he said. President Obama also faulted the banks for, well, trying to stay in businesses: “You don’t have some inherent right just to-- you know, get a certain amount of profit,” he told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. So what solution do Democrats propose (to remedy the fee hikes they’ve caused)? More regulation of course. This is “exactly why we need somebody whose sole job it is to prevent this kind of stuff from happening” -  i.e. a vast new government bureaucracy handing down more rules from Washington – according to President Obama.
  • MORE OF THE SAME BROKEN OBAMACARE PROMISES THAT HAVE SENT HEALTH COSTS SURGING. Last week, the Kaiser Family Foundation reported that “the health-insurance premiums employers pay rose sharply this year,” with the average annual family premium up nine percent, and the single worker premium up eight percent. The Obama Administration pointed the finger at insurance companies, telling ABC News the “big increases that occurred last year were probably driven by insurance plans overestimating what the impact would be and maybe trying to take some profits upfront before” more ObamaCare mandates and regulations take effect. Brushing off the assertion that the rate hikes amount to yet another broken ObamaCare promise, Deputy White House Chief of Staff Nancy-Ann DeParle claimed that the government takeover of health care will deliver on its promises … “by 2019.” Until then, the Administration’s solution is – you guessed it – more ObamaCare: “Once health care reform fully takes hold in 2014 and beyond, employers will have more tools and more ability to help bring down costs,” DeParle said.

While Democrats may not connect the dots between their flawed policies and the unintended consequence they have for the American people, the new House majority does – and has offered a plan that will stop the cycle of “tax, spend and regulate” insanity.  The Plan for America’s Job Creators rolls back the red tape that is hampering small business job growth and hiking up costs for Americans on everything from health care to debit cards. It also prevents the government from spending money it doesn’t have- replacing the failed ‘stimulus’ policies of the past two years with real reforms that remove the cloud of uncertainty hanging over private-sector job creators. The House has already passed more than a dozen jobs bills under this framework, and now it is time for Senate Democrats to act on them as well.