Iran’s Behavior Goes From Bad to Worse |

It’s just another Tuesday for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Earlier today, Iran reportedly tested several ballistic missiles in yet another breach of international law. These tests blatantly violate a U.N. Security Council resolution, but President Obama's nuclear agreement does nothing to stop them. That just shows you how bad this deal really is. This marks the third such illegal ballistic-missile launch in the eight months since the agreement was struck

In January, following months of bipartisan pressure from Congress, the administration relented and imposed additional sanctions on Iran in response to its recent illicit ballistic-missile activities.

The reality is that Iran’s behavior has not improved since the nuclear deal was signed—it’s gone from bad to worse. The Obama administration is emboldening the regime by seemingly paying ransom for American prisoners, wavering on clear-cut international violations, and even thanking Iran for returning detained U.S. sailors.

A bipartisan majority in Congress rejected the administration’s dangerous nuclear agreement, and we'll continue to press for new sanctions against Tehran until the regime ends its violent, provocative behavior against the U.S. and our allies.