ISIS and Assad Are Committing Crimes against Humanity |

Today at his weekly press briefing, Speaker Ryan discussed the resolutions passed by the House Foreign Affairs Committee that classified ISIS and Assad’s actions against Christians and minorities as crimes against humanity. Below are excerpts from his remarks:

“Yesterday, the Foreign Affairs Committee passed two very important resolutions. One resolution by Jeff Fortenberry states that ISIS is committing genocide against Christians and other religious minorities. And a resolution by Chris Smith, which condemns the gross human rights violations of the Assad regime.

"These are difficult subjects, but that’s exactly why we need to take these steps. In Syria and Iraq, Christians are being executed. Churches and holy sites are being destroyed. Children are being enslaved.

“The Obama administration is still not ready to say that ISIS and the Assad regime are committing crimes against humanity. We are. We are ready to say this. We need to recognize these atrocities with clear eyes. And we need to continue to pray for the persecuted."